Hao Yen Chuang


3D Generalist


Motion Graphics


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I am a 3D video artist. My specialty focus on experimental video, 3D modeling, lighting, and compositing. Since 2013, I started using video as a medium to create a series of non-narrative experimental video work entitled impact. The series included Primitive (2013), Retina (2013), and Unconscious (2014). In 2018, he created an experimental 3D short, Elysium. Currently, I am on the production of his thesis work, Fallen Paradise, a non-narrative 3D short. I received my B.A. in New Media Arts at Taipei National University of Arts in 2014 and my M.F.A. degree in Computer Arts at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.
My work is inspired by two different themes: mysticism and provoking the audience. For instance, I am interested in religious symbols and various gods’ appearance from different religions. I create images related to the intensive phobia and humanoid creatures combined with sexual organs.  By combining religious symbols with disturbing and uncanny images the intent is to make people feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, and nauseous.
My background is in traditional painting including watercolor, sketching and ink painting. I started to use these materials to draw my imaginary monsters. Although I work in a classical painting style, I prefer different and diverse techniques in my works. I do not follow academicism rules of painting. I mix and apply different mediums for an experimental approach to my paintings. After studying at the university, I switch from traditional painting to video making. I began to apply video as the medium to create a series of experimental short about sexuality and violence. From 2017, I started using 3D animation to make my work. I continuously create humanoid monsters with a photo-realistic look to elaborate my imagination about sex, violence and the spiritual world. By expanding and studying new techniques, I expect to give the viewer a mysterious journey of my imaginary world through my works.